Sarker ProtickOf River and Lost Lands

From This is Paper:

"These stunning images were captured by documentary photographer Sarker Protick, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After completed his bachelors in marketing, he studied photography at Pathshala- the South Asian institute of Photography. He later participated ‘New Media Journalism’ at the University of Virginia and ‘Documentary photography’ at University of Gloucestershire, UK. Softness of the light and stunning in its decay landscapes of Bangladesh reveal fragile beauty of the land.

"At first the place seems abandoned. Drowned houses, broken structures, floating trees are all that remains. These are traces of life that was once here. Slowly I discover life in the villages. People who are still living here, many as refugee in others land. Over the years the river changed it’s course. While doing it, it has taken so many. When the monsoon arrives and the river runs fast. The lands get washed away and disappear. These are villages in the district Ishurdi. Padma, the largest waterway of Bangladesh flows right beside. Places I have photographed don’t exist any more. River erosion still continues with dire consequences for this land and community. "